Chris Stutes | Which Cadillac Logo Do You Prefer?
I like the old design.
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I never adjusted to the newer Cadillac logo (circa 2013). It just seems like there are so many other similar automotive brands that share the same logo-mark form (Chrysler, Aston Martin, etc.). I get why they wanted something sleeker given the new grill design, but I miss the thicker crest and reef. Luckily, for me at least, it looks like the you can have the older logo-mark on your favorite model.

If you haven’t ever owned a Cadillac you are missing out. In the recent years General Motors has worked to make the brand competitve with the sportier european luxury brands, and it seems to have went over well, but my favorite model will always be the massive Escalade and the larger sedans like the CT6 or even the older DTS models.

What do you think about the updated logo, does offering both choices make it redundant or appease both audiences?

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