Chris Stutes | Doing Graphic Design for my Wife
This is what it's like to do graphic design for my wife.
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Well, i decided for the 3rd blog post I have ever written in my entire life to cover some really dangerous behind enemy lines style territory- this is what it’s like to do graphic design for my wife.

But first, a little bit of background. For the past couple years my wife has been creating a retail brand (Channimol & Charms) to sell jewelry, cosmetics, and other items mostly to customers in her home country of Cambodia but to some in the U.S. and other countries as well. We just recently opened a physical store in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Things are going really well (she has almost 50,000 FB likes at the time of writing this, I have about 2….). I design almost everything, although she does most of the images for Facebook and created her own website. I really enjoy helping out and it’s fun doing design for something totally different, BUT I this is a mostly feminine brand in a foreign country, and I am a stubborn mostly not feminineĀ graphic designer.

There is something obnoxious about designers that is just hateful poison creeping out of every unspoken thought when dealing with that one client that they knew was going to give them a hard time over a specific project. When that client is my wife however, I’m gonna say allllllll those things, oh yeah, it’s honesty time honey and you are dealing with an expert. For example, my wife wants a background with more hearts, I respond, “alright, that’s not going to look good…but here it is…”.

I might really be an expert designer, but clearly not an expert husband just yet. Listening and developing and understanding based on good listening are pretty important skills in a marriage, the same as they are with having a client. What my wife wanted was for me to hear her input and “do my thing” to make it look good, but the hardest and most important thing to do in this situation is to focus on understanding the tastes and personality someone is going for and to make it into a logo or a really girly jewelry bag covered in pink floating hearts.

The truth is I’ve learned a lot from creating a brand with my wife, and I actually love getting to create things that otherwise would have never been possible. Most of my favorite designs were built with the help of someone else’s input, and so is the case with Channimol & Charms.

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