Chris Stutes | Brand Review: The New Ohio State Logo
Why the new Ohio State football logo works better.
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A few years back Ohio State redesigned their logo for their college football team- The Ohio State Buckeyes. I’ve laughed about how easy it must have been to create this design as it looks like a filled in version of the previous logo. There really isn’t much different other then removing the strokes and making the text a litle bolder. Although this design is simplistic, that’s exactly what Ohio State was going for. Here are some reasons why the new logo is better.

1. It’s the Same Logo

This one is pretty obvious, but one of the reasons the new logo is so great is that it doesn’t take any brand recognition away from the Buckeyes. This means that the old logo is still the Buckeyes logo, the new one is just a simplified version rather than a replacement.

2. Easier to Read

Removing the strokes from the logo has made it easier to read in much smaller version and cleaner when stitched into apparel and other products or marketing materials. Many companies have made their logos simpler in recent times and this only helps remove redundant styles for a brand with a large consumer base.

3. Less Stylized

Styles such as the collegiate stroke shown in the logo are easier to date and follow a stricter interpretation than one that works with a cleaner format. The brand now recognizes that it is more than “just a sports team” and could be communicated better by removing genre induced styles and icons, for example- you wouldn’t want to make your baseball team logo a baseball with a letter on it, it’s just too obvious. This brand update is a small step towards sports logos that are less similar to each-other in style.

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