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Between 2011-2016 pretty much every piece of technology I owned was all Apple, and they all worked great. I loved how easy to use and reliable they were (both my 2010 iMac and 2006 Macbook Pro all still work, and work pretty well). However it seems like Apple has changed, and many of the products they put out today don’t have the same reliability that they once had.

Ever since I upgraded to my iPhone 5 the problems started rolling in. My 5 died around 50% battery and eventually ceased to work altogether, since upgrading to the iPhone 6 the phone died after two years- which sent me on the look for another mobile phone, and I went Android.

It wasn’t just the poor reliability I had experienced with my past two iPhones, but the insane decisions the company had made to remove basic featured from not just their phones, but their premium Macbook as well (which my wife has both).

That’s right, my wife uses both a 2015 Macbook and an iPhone 7. I wasn’t excited about purchasing the 7 last year, but it was what she wanted and I figured it still was likely better than the explosive Samsung Galaxy 7, but I regret it, and so does she. Every time she has to both charge and use the headphones a dark hatred arises as she realizes that the 7 wasn’t as intuitive as the company culture pretentiously pumped out through their fan base and marketing. It’s not just the iPhones that have this fault (we heard the 8 will also be sans headphone jack) but the slimmer Macbook also has a similar problem, but it’s sans usb port. Of course you can fix all of these problems, with the purchase of an annoying dangle that allows you to both charge your Apple device and use your peripheral at the same time, which of course Apple sells at post-apocalyptic prices.

I will never understand what management at the company is thinking, but I don’t care. My Motorolla works just fine, my Alienware almost does (maybe I should have went Asus), and it feels nice to know that you can buy products with more customization than the limited choices you get from the now “1984”, “we know better” Apple that used to once be the “thinking man’s computer”.

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