Chris Stutes | Why the Unicorn Frap is good for the Starbucks Brand.
The good thing about the unicorn frap.
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Not that I actually bought one… but yeah it does look pretty schweet. So they made a really colorful frappuccino, who cares right? I kind of do, I mean as much as a guy could care about a¬†loud and girly overpriced not even coffee drink, but I do drink a lot of coffee (usually iced coffee that I get cold and in bulk at Kroger) and starbucks is probably my favorite coffee brand, mostly because I’m not very hip and they have a drive thru window that coffee comes out of without having to be around the kind of people that hang out at a coffee shop.

Anyways, I do like Starbucks, and Starbucks needs to keep updated. The unicorn frappuccino is a good sign that Starbucks is willing to try things farther from their comfort zone than most people realized before the drink went viral. Just like new seasons of your favorite show, new weapon skins in Call of Duty, and a new album from your favorite band, Starbucks needs new content in a form that is comfortable and familiar.

Obviously new drinks like the unicorn frap aren’t going to be enough if they aren’t any good (I heard it tastes like skittle play-doh cake but again I’m not buying this one just yet…) but it’s still a really good first step towards more consistent product updates from a brand that desperately needs to get on-board with the “newness” trend. I hope more and better tasting drinks like this come out of the Starbucks drink laboratory, I mean I love that drive thru window, just give me some worthy new junk to toss out of it and let me be on my merry way.

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